10 Reasons to Choose Juniper Co

Who We Are 

Hi, we are the founders and owners of Juniper Co. And we provide the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD products. If you browse our ever-growing range, you’ll see products like CBD oil tinctures, CBD softgels, and CBD salves. When we are not busy running our company, you’ll find us researching and testing the latest CBD products on the market. And what’s even better? We love doing it.


‘Why?’ We hear you ask. Well, the truth is, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about CBD. It’s leaving people confused and untrusting. But at Juniper Co, we want to change that. So we’ve been working hard to make sure you’re getting the right advice every time. That’s why we answer every question from our loyal customers, personally and professionally. Got a question of your own? Then please feel free to get in touch.


What We Do Differently

Juniper Co is different. You can relax knowing that Juniper Co premium CBD is extracted from hemp organically grown here in the US and contains zero THC. Unlike other CBD products out there, they are fast absorbing, full spectrum, and free of harsh chemicals.

And for the icing on the cake… Shipping is absolutely free with every purchase – so enjoy!

That’s enough about us. How can we help you today?

Kind regards,

Ed and Ellie
Co-founders of Juniper Co